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Choose from 4 different color setups after checking out the montages below.

TERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS - You will be billed an additional $35.00  thru Paypal for shipping cost .

Canada is $25 for shipments 


Wet suits styles

Those that purchase are entitled to any upgrades that we may make to the wetsuit for free.      Your purchase will  come with 9 Install videos  taking you step by step thru the easy process . .





How is the wetsuit applied:     Peel and stick system using 3M adhesive backing.

How can I put in on perfectly center:   We created a video showing you how to line up the Logo of the Phantom for a perfect center.

What is the most difficult part of getting the wetsuit on:   Letting adhesion take place by keeping it secure.

Do you offer a guarantee that no water will get inside the drone:   Some of the vents are left open so the drone can breathe , so we cannot offer  a guarnatee that no water will get in the drone.  However DJI aleady took some really good precatuions to make the Phantom 4 more water resistant. We improved upon that to create a fantastic means of negotiating torrential down  pours of rain, and snow. 

Was the Phantom Rain Wetsuit tested for over heating:   Yes we tested both the water protection ring system and the wetsuit and found only a moderate increase of 3 degrees including the battery .     We also flew the Drone over the Totalitiy weekend in over 100 degree heat and had no issues of over heating of the drone as we filmed the Eclipse..

Can you fly the drone in sport mode in the rain:     Yes you can, as the battery has an air tight seal allowing for a complete assualt on the rain with no intake of water.

How much protection does the drone offer you as far as Impact protection.    The Neoprene is 2mm /2.5mm/.5mm  and is substantial in releasing the impact to the drone.   The Scuba neoprene also stays much cleaner while flying as the material is not as easy to stick on as  to as plastic.  

How hard of a rain can it handle:    We have tested it in several different type of rain conditions and just recenlty we had a torrential downpour .  See video below of 26 min.

We captured the down pour   in slow motion and the results were fantastic.  W  e flew for 20 minutes with no intake of water.  We have also flown for 26 minutes now in a torrential rain and needed no rice as no water made it into the drone.

Please keep in mind that several parts of the Phantom 4 Pro are already somewhat water resistant , we just improved every facet that was not and enhanced all of them.

How does the gimbal guard stop the drone from sinking:    It will not stop the drone from sinking , however it will give you a couple more seconds if you drop in the water to get the drone back out.    The reason for this is we sealed off the Gimbal ring enough so that it can slow down water intake using what we call the surge mask and Surge RIng.

Are they going to be other colors:   Yes we will have some other colors after the first of the year.        As of now we offer 3 Color Schemes 

What happens if we make any improvements on the system:   We will amend them to each client at no additional cost






Frozen finger in the rain

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