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Modeled after the Award Winning Mini 3 Pro Wet Suit to Fly in the Pouring Rain but we also went ahead an enhanced the overall Strength of the Drone so its not so quick to snap an crack on impact.    Both the Min 3 Series and Mini 4 Pro are very quick to burn out the Sensors in the Rain and Snow.     However with the Wet Suit you can play all day.


in action :


Mini 4 in the Wet Snow Storm




The Wet Suit Protects :

The open area behind the gimbal with a Tab System that you snap in and out as needed .

Protects the Sensors from burning out 

Protects the Battery from Disconnecting from the Controller 

Protects the Landing Sensor from force landing in the Rain

Redirect the Air Release so it can still breath but not take in the Rain

Increase the Strength of the Drone Arms that were just to thin and fragile. 


We did this by securing the arms of the drone with a 4mm Bumper Guard to protect your drone and just make it feel much more secure in hand.     


Comes with #3 Air Tight Battery Covers and Power Button Seals. 

Comes with 2 Color Designs :    All Black and What ever Color you choose as well.   



Mini 4 Pro Wet Suit Package

Color designs
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