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We now have these for the RC / RC PRO / SC   -  Just let us know which one you need on the order form from Paypal.



Designed for Cinematic Control and offer some extra rain protection but it always advised to fly from shelter in the rain.

The Star of the Show is the Control Pods with # 3 levels of Resistance to control your drone on entirely new Level.

The Control Pods on the Flight Cover allows you to fly fluidly with less human error. Very Cool .

The Hands Rest allow your hand to sit inside making for a batter angle on the Control sticks , similar to rest pad on a typewriter and feels much more secure in the hand.

On the Back is a Built In Plug Holder you will use for sealing the ports in the Rain. This way you will never be without it.

The Control Wheels allow you to Start your drone Manually as well.  

Like our Wet Suits the Install only takes about 3 Minutes.
and its my guess is that you will never go back to the toy feel of floppy sticks . 


 Your in for a Cinematic Treat.

Review:   Client Testimonial 

RC /RC Pro / SC - Cinematic Control Pod Covers

Design Color
  • We Guarantee a Perfect Install as the Neoprene is easy to work with.

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