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DJI FPV -  Crash Jackets are Designed to be Both Impact and water Resistant so much so they allow you to fly in the Pouring Rain without any harm to the drone, battery or the power button.


The Jackets Utilize a 3.5 mm Closed Cell Neoprene that wraps securely around the Entire Drone provding both support and protection to your drones big and small parts. 


The Crash Jackets Uitilize a Dense Neoprene cover to provide your drone support while ripping and tearing thu branches or flippiing upside down on the ground.


The Crash Jackets were designed to protect the FPV at every angle.



We utilize a Closed Cell Neoprene along with our Award winning design  created to provide an  Air Tight Seal on the Battery and Power button.


The Crash Jackets extend the limits of the Drone not only to fly in the rain but when paired up with a FPV Rescue jacket to land on choppy waters .


Rescue Jackets for the FPV are a Game Changer !


 Not only do they Secure your DJI Refresh but they also allow you to Remote land when forced landing are all that is possible.    We have so much confidence in the Rescue Jackets that we Land for fun and take off again ,  See our Rescue Jacket Compilation video, its insane.  


Believe me Its a trip to see your FPV drone land on the ocean and than take off again,  there is a grand sense of Satisfaction when it comes to cheating death even with your drone. 


If you follow the DJI Forums you know how many of these end up in the bottom of the Ocean and lakes.  So belive me this is a powerfull tool and we love it...


We designed and Engineered  the Rescue Jackets for all the DJI Drones but this one is amazing because you can so so much when your not so fearful .


The FPV Rescue jacket just make it more fun to fly , and there addicting. 


DJI FPV Rain Jackets: Impact & Water Resistant



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