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The NEW Phantomrain Tomb Trays.  


4 x Larger than Plastic EDC trays


 Can hold up to 5 Gun Holsters,  5 watches and 20 Chains  and 5 Rings securely

Comes in Black Alcantera Suede
Super Deep Recess
so you are less likely to snag or scratch anything taking it out or laying down your EDC.  

We use Alcantera Suede because its Super Luxurious and quiet


Its Unique Design makes it Perfect for show casing your Flag Ship EDC gear . 

 You'll  love the Industrial Modern Look that gets away from the typical plastic, particle, and heavy wood used everywhere else.  


  Also if you own a DJI Drone check out the Wet Suits to fly in the Pouring Rain and that is an Adventure worth flying a drone for.



EDC Combat Trays - Wallet Tray -Sun Glass tray

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