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You get Both the Full Color and the Extra Color design ,  so your setup nicely. 


This fits the Mavic 3 Pro /. The Mavic 3 Classic / and the Mavic 3  if you have the Enterprise version we have a Dedicated link for that. 


The Contrast of the Black and Neon Color just pops on the top as well as on the Bottom of the Drone.


The Wet Suit has gained Legendary Status and used all over the world to fly in Extreme Rain and Heavy Snow .


The install is about 5 Minutes, and we do Guarantee a Perfect install so no worries about messing it up, its easy and the Neoprene is nice to work with.


They Come With # 3 Black Air Tight Battery Covers if you need more add the Neon Battery Pack for another 3.



If you have not checked out the Rescue Jacket for the Mavic 3 now is the time as that is the Utility tool of the year .


Not only does it improve Visibility ,  land on water,  you can snatch your drone from a moving boat safely or in my case a Jet Ski . 


Check out are favorite Video Links


In the pouring Rain


Recording a Soccer Game


In the Snow


Pouring Rain and Night Rain.






Mavic 3 PRO

Color Designs:
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