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The Neoprene Wet Suits come with # 3 Air Tight Battery Covers and Power Button Seals.


The Wet Suits utilize an innovative tab System to redirect air flow allowing the Mavic 3 Enterprise to fly all day in the rain wihout any harm.


Switching out the color is easy as it applies instanly over the Base Wet Suit. 


Works great for Low and High Profile flying so needed for flying in different Enviroments.


Black is our go to but when we fly over the water or trees  but a brighter color is nice to have in a pinch.



Because we keep the Wet Suits under 0.4 ounces the Wet Suits still Maintain the DJI warranty.  


The Mavic 3 Wet Suits are used the World over for Seach and Rescue to the NFL to TSLA Solar Fields .  They have proven themselves in a very short time.


Please keep in mind that the Motors are 100 % Water proof as is the Camera.

The Weak link on the Mavic 3  Series are the Battery , Power Button , Open Ports and Side Vents including the Landing Sensor.


This is where the Wet Suits really shine nicely , allowing the Mavic 3 much more funtion by sealing the battery and power button , and protecting the landing Sensor as well as redirecting open air flow. 


After your order if you need more Battery Covers let us know an for a small fee will ad them to the order. 


If you need to see other   colors , check out the Mavic 3 Series of Wet Suits .


Check out are favorite Video Links


In the pouring Rain


Recording a Soccer Game


In the Snow


Pouring Rain and Night Rain.


Mavic 3 Enterprise / Dual

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