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This Wet Suit fits the Mavic 3 Pro /. The Mavic 3 Classic / and the Mavic 3  an if you have the Enterprise version we have a Dedicated link for that. 


The Wet Suit has gained Legendary Status and used all over the world to fly in Extreme Rain and Heavy Snow .


The install is about 5 Minutes, and we do Guarantee a Perfect install so no worries about messing it up, its easy and the Neoprene is nice to work with.


They Come With # 3 Black Air Tight Battery Covers if you need more mention that in the notes.


If you have not checked out the Rescue Jacket for the Mavic 3 now is the time as that is the Utility tool of the year and its amazing , we blew ourselves away with that combo.


Not only does it improve Visibility , allow you to land on water,  you can snatch your drone from a moving boat or Jet Ski as we show in our videos. 


Check out are favorite Video Links


In the pouring Rain


Recording a Soccer Game


In the Snow


Pouring Rain and Night Rain.


Mavic 3 Classic

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