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We take every drone and Submerge it in the water and than reverse engineer to develope the Wet Suit in order to sustain whatever went wrong ,     


The protection that the Wet Suit Provides the Mavic 2 has allowed us to push all the limits when it comes to Severe Weather Conditions/ or landing in the water. 


The Mavic 2 Wet Suit Provides the Drone with an Air Tight Seal on the Battery and the Power Button every time you fly. 


You may think that the prop covers that come with the Mavic 2 Wet Suits are used for keeping the Rain out but that is not the case.     Those prop covers are critical to keeping out the Salt , Sand and Stones when on the beach .


The DJI motors all use Aluminum Brush-Less motors , these special motors are the exact same motors used in Submercibles designed to negotiate water .


The weak point on the DJI was the Power Button, followed by the Battery when water gets into the Power Button or the Battery the Mavic 2 comes crashing down.   You only get 1 Warning when flying in the rain:   The Battery can no longer connect to the controller and down she goes.  its about 5 seconds  


 This is why the Focus of the Wet Suit was to provide an Air Tight Seal across the perimeter of the battery and the Power Button.


Flying up close in the Pouring Rain.


Slow Motion Capture in the Rain


After the Earth Quake, the Rain was Brutal and for Extended times


Using it with the Rescue Jacket


We have over 100 videos posted but those are some of my favorites. 




Once you have the Mavic 2 Geared up with the Wet Suit  , you have a completely different drone and when combined with the Mavic 2 Rescue jacket able to land dead in the Water without tipping over and you will find cheating death very satisfactory.    


Its an amazing combination , a perfect balance of Engineering to remote land on choppy water and take off again witout tipping over.. 


    If you get a minute check out the Mavcic 2 Rescue Jacket , even if its just to see the Wet Suit in action,  its worth seeing just how well the Wet Suit protects the drone in the water and on the waves.  

Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom - Wet Suit

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