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The Mavic 2 Enterprise Package is a versatile and indispensable tool for drone accessory enthusiasts.


This package comes with #3 air-tight battery covers and power plug seals, ensuring that your drone is protected from the elements during use.


Trusted and used in search and rescue operations all over the world, this package is designed for high-stakes and demanding environments. And for those who need to fly in pouring rain daily,


Here are some video Links of the Mavic 2 In Action in the Rain as well as using the Rescue Jacket our # 1 Rated Utility tool,   we cannot say enough about how many times we use it.   


Flying up close in the Pouring Rain.


Slow Motion Capture in the Rain


After the Earth Quake, the Rain was Brutal and for Extended times


Using it with the Rescue Jacket


We have over 100 videos posted but those are some of my favorites. 


Mavic 2 Enterprise Package

Color Designs are Two Colors except Black.
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