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Check out this amazing video of the Air 3 Wet Suit in an amazing display of Rain.


The Air 3 Wet Suits come with # 3 Battery Covers and 2 Part Color Accent in Rescue Red and Black

Neon Blue and Black or Lunar Purple and Black ,  and All Black


Install take about 5 Minutes, and we Guarantee a Perfect Install so your in good hands.

over 5000 post on the Web about our Wet Suits for all the DJI drones. 


*   Able to fly in the Pouring Rain every day.

*.  Protects your drone from Scratches that makes selling a drone much harder, keep it new looking

*.  Protects from the  Sand , Salt and Small Stones 

*   Protects your drone from the bumps of getting in an out of the Car .

*. Provides a nice Visual in the sky , Both the Rescue Red an Neon Blue are Bright. 

*. Makes finding your drone much easier in the Trees if you do go down or Remote land in a bush.

*. Get incredible Pictures of Lightning easily in the Rain.  Capture the Storm




 Dont worry if you Purchase a Wet Suit and come back for the Rescue Jacket will still give you the Discount. 



Air 3 Lightning Wet Suits

Color designs
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